Simulation Eolienne Fairwind   Test d'Eolienne Fairwind en laboratoire


Strong points of our design


  • One of the tricky aspects in designing wind turbines is the usual fitting of a gearbox between the rotor and the generator, which compensate the low rotation speed of the blades. This mechanical part is submitted to important torques which vary constantly in time. In order to avoid the gearbox and its problems, it is necessary to use high polarity generators, custom designed for a specific wind turbine project.
  • The aerodynamic calculations of the FAIRWIND design are based on the use of special softwares developed in collaboration with university research centres.
  • The choice of straight blades, non twisted with constant chord, widens the range of possible manufacturing processes. The blades will therefore be produced at low cost. The same machine tool will manufacture equally well blades of 5 m or 10 m.
  • The optimisation of energy recovery is possible thanks to an efficient regulation of the wind turbine. To acheive this, we must constantly adjust the rotation speed to the wind speed so as to keep the tip speed ratio (Lambda) corresponding to the highest possible power coefficient (Cp), and therefore get a much better energy recovery. The power converters allow this type of regulation and can produce an electrical power of quality for the local and general network.
  • The calculation of mechanical elements is based on design softwares and stress and strain optimisation softwares. The mechanical design of the rotor (straight blades and small chord length) gives a sturdy support construction for the rotating unit. It only requires a small foundation on the ground for the mast or can be directly set up on existing structures.