The FAIRWIND windturbine is made of :



1three constant chord blades of continuous structure, made of a light alloy.

2Arms connecting the blades to the rotating unit for torque transmission.

3One rotating unit including bearings and coupling flanges parts on the supporting structure.

4One synchronous permanent magnet generator regulated to adapt constantly the wind turbine rotation speed to the wind speed and maximise the energy recovery (Maximum Power Point Tracking).

5Ultimate Safety thanks to 3 independant tip brakes .

6A self supporting structure without stay ropes. The height depends on the type of mast,either a metallic mast in one or several parts to be fitted on a concrete foundation or a smaller structure to be installed on an existing building.

7One electric cubicle including the frequency converter, the regulation device and the protection system. The converter rectifies the variable frequency current and generates good quality 50 or 60 Hz current to feed the network.

8One reinforced concrete foundation designed to resist the heaviest winds.